8. What of bias against non-Jews?

It is rather ironic to read in the same pages September 19 a column by Patrick Buchanan, a non-Jew, replying to A.M. Rosenthal, a Jew, who accused him of anti-Semitism because he criticized Israel; and a letter by David Menashi, presumably a Jew, accusing Myles Walsh, presumably a non-Jew, of anti-Semitism because he is criticizing Israel too.

Charles Krauthammer concluded his essay which appeared in Time magazine on February 26 like this: "...discrimination against Jews has a name too. The word for it is anti-Semitism."

If I am to follow the same distorted approach followed by Rosenthal, Menashi and, I might add, Krauthammer, I would have this to say: Discrimination against non-Jews by Jews doesn't have a name but we may coin one--reverse anti-Semitism.

September 27, 1990