9. Alliance with Israel a liability

The $3.5 billion Israel receives from the United States, which is actually $4 billion, is not part of a loan on which Israel pays interest. It is an outright grant. The larger figure results from the 43 special laws Congress has passed solely for the benefit of Israel. Two reports by Congressional Research Studies published in the Congressional Record of May 1 give a full picture of all the special deals that benefit Israel.

In spite of all the good things Joy Greenhouse is telling us about Israel in her September 16 letter, Israel is still a liability in this crisis because the moment it takes a military action, the equation will change and chances are that the whole Arab world will rally behind Saddam Hussein.

David Menashi tries hard in his September 19 letter to perpetuate the myth that Israel is "the United States' only reliable ally in the region." Let's look at the facts:

In 1954, Israel agents firebombed American diplomatic establishments in Cairo and Alexandria to undermine the relations between the U.S. and Egypt; in the mid-1960s, Mossad was responsible for diverting uranium from the Nuclear Materials and Equipments Corp. in Apollo, Pa.; in 1967, Israeli war planes attempted to sink the U.S. intelligence ship Liberty, causing the death of 34 American seamen and 171 injuries; in 1986, Jonathan Pollard, a U.S. Navy counterintelligence specialist, was caught after stealing thousands of highly classified documents for Israel; and finally, Victor Ostrovsky's book, By Way of Deception, states that Mossad knew about terrorist plans in 1983 to bomb the barracks in Beirut where 241 American Marines died, but failed to give proper warning, saying: "We're not there to protect Americans. They're a big country."

What kind of an ally is that?

September 28, 1990

For a reply see [19]