10. Incident in Israel

In your editorial (Catholic New York, May 3) you characterized "the recent move of Jewish settlers into the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem" as being "motivated by political rather than religious sentiments," making it sound as if religion had nothing to do with the incident. This is quite incorrect. Israeli leadership used, rather misused, "religious sentiments" for political purposes. This has been the case since the creation of Israel and since Zionism came into being, something that must be abhorrent to all Americans for whom separation of church and state is paramount.

In a similar politico-religious incident on May 3 (the dedication of Torah for a seminary in the West Bank Arab town of Nablus), Nam Livnet, a spokesman for the seminary said: "We are not just talking about bringing a Torah to the seminary, but about a declaration that greater Israel is ours, all of it, only ours."

May 17, 1990

For a follow-up see [11]