12. Having an effect

When are Israel's backers going to be mature enough and stop interpreting every criticism of Israel as a criticism of the Jewish people? It is about time that American supporters of Israel such as Cash Tilton (Letter of July 12) understand that what makes this country great is the principle of the separation of church and state.

Not once in the OpEd article (Catholic New York, June 21) that Tilton criticized did writer Judy Ball mention the PLO and its "utter nobility," as Tilton sarcastically put it. So why is he appalled? It is not so much because of the "genuinely horrific" situation in the occupied territories described by Ms. Ball than the fact that this kind of information is reaching the American people and is affecting them. The more the Americans know about the demeaning situation of the Palestinians in their homeland, the more sympathetic they are towards them. The New York Times/CBS News polls of July 9 have proven that. Please, Catholic New York, keep us informed of the Palestinians' plight in the territories occupied by Israel.

August 2, 1990