[15. Pictures more eloquent than words


On December 10, 1989, CNN World Report aired P.L.O. and Jordanian Televison accounts concerning the trouble which plague the refugees in the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. On January 22, 1990, CNN World Report referred back to these reports in order to inform us of the multitude of complaints which were sparked by the Arab-made reports.

One such complaint, which was said to represent many others, was that of Rabbi Eliezer Ben-Yehuda of Lakeland, Florida. In his statement, which was aired on the January 22 show, he characterized the reports as "a collection of half-truths and inaccuracies and outright lies wedded to pictures that had nothing to do with the text." It seems that Rabbi Ben-Yehuda is complaining about the textual content of the report. That is very understandable since text interpretations can always be subject to controversy. However we are able to remedy this ambiguous situation by simply throwing away the text and concentrating on what remains, PICTURES. The pictures that we all saw on the screen were showing us the pitiful, neglected lives of the Palestinian refugees. These pictures speak for themselves better than any text ever would. And that is why CNN, even though it has "tried hard" has been unable to obtain an Israeli Television account of the situation. Even Israeli cameras cannot avoid the disturbing images of the refugees' lives. What they also cannot avoid is the reality which Palestinians are refugees IN THEIR OWN HOMELAND simply because the state of Israel does not exist alongside a separate Palestinian state.

January 23, 1990]