18. Don't be misled by terminology

Could Sitting Bull have been deported from his native country? According to Webster's Third New International Dictionary, which defined deportation as "the removal from a country of an alien whose presence ... is unlawful or ... prejudicial to the public welfare," the answer is most clearly no. However, if one listens to the media or reads the press like the news article that appeared on December 17, in which the word deportation is applied to natives of Palestine who are threatened with banishment from their homeland by an occupying power, one might come away with the idea that Sitting Bull was indeed deportable. In fact, linguistically speaking, the one who is liable to be deported is the polish born Yitzhak Yazernitzky, better known today as Yitzhak Shamir.

That the U.S. media and press fall in the terminology trap set by the Israelis is simply inexcusable. That the U.S. media and press consciously use this tendentious terminology is shameful. In either case a rectification is certainly called for.

December 26, 1990

For a reply see [19]