[24. Legalized racism in Israel

It is not surprising to see Rep. Eliot Engel in his article of June 9 campaigning for the repeal of UN resolution 3379 which stated that "Zionism is a form of racism." His arguments are as preposterous as his campaign itself.

The racist nature of Zionism can be likened to that of apartheid where birth registration is categorized by race (White, Black, Colored etc.). The categorization adopted by Israel appears on Israeli ID cards in the form of a distinction between citizenship and nationality. As far as citizenship is concerned, all Israelis are citizens. However, when it comes to nationality Israeli citizens are categorized as Jew, Arab, Druze etc. Such a categorization is incongruous since there is no common denominator between these categories. The first one is a religion, the second an ethnic group and the third a sect of Islam.

This distinction between citizenship and nationality is a mechanism used by Israel to legalize discrimination against its non-Jewish citizens. It gives Jews of all countries rights in the state of Israel that are denied to its own non-Jewish citizens. One example being the ownership of land. Since the Jewish National Fund has authority over 92 percent of the land, non-Jews are not only unable by law to own it but cannot either rent it or work on it.

Strictly speaking, Israel, as a Jewish state , has only two categories of citizens: Jews and Goyim (non-Jews). The former group enjoys more rights than the latter one. But for Israel to openly say so would have easily exposed the racist nature of its Zionist ideology.

June 16, 1991]