[38. Racism is more than the color of the skin

What Izzy Siev wrote in his letter of June 12 [37] about Israel is nonsense. He mentions the army being "completely integrated, with black soldiers performing all sort of duties." He saw "white people, black people ... strolling by ... racially speaking, everybody was there." He seems to reduce racism to the color of the skin. Mr. Siev is either deluding himself or the readers because racism is much more than that. In Israel, racism can be noticed in the way Christians and Muslims are treated in comparison to the Jews. Through its three Basic Laws (the Law of Return, the Citizenship Law and the Status Law), Israel institutionalized racism. Prof. Shahak of the Hebrew University said that "the most important factor in Israel politics is Jewish Chauvinism, similar in nature to anti-Semitism and other forms of racism."

June 19, 1991]