40. Do Palestinians really want peace?

Israel wants peace, but not a just peace, according to Medhat Credi [39]. It would seem that justice is in the eye of the beholder.

You might say that Israel, having beaten back five or six wars launched by Arabs bent upon her extermination, would now be well-served by a just peace. Such a just peace might include the return of the Sinai to Israel, the cession of Syria up to a point 30 miles from Damascus to Israel, and the yielding of all of Trans-Jordan to Israel. After all, throughout history, victors in wars have been rewarded with territory, and nations that have won defensive wars have never been asked to yield their gains.

However, Israel, under pressures that have never been exerted upon any other country, is willing to accept far less. Medhat Credi and the Palestinians he champions should get real. Do they want to deal with the possible and put an end to the Middle East Hundred Years War or do they want to go on carping and sniping --and killing?

Arnold S. Greenspan, Briarcliff Manor

June 21, 1991

For a rebuttal see [41] and [42]