41. Israel supporters repeat falsehoods

What Arnold Greenspan has said in his letter of June 21 [40], supposedly about the Palestinians, is pretty much what Israel's supporters keep repeating like a broken record when they run out of arguments.

First, they ignore the Palestinians and shift their attention to the Arab states, like Shamir who is eager to talk to the Saudis but can't find a Palestinian to talk to in the occupied territories; second, they promote the law of the jungle that prevailed when there was no international law, no International Court of Justice or no United Nations. "After all," said Mr. Greenspan, "throughout history, victors have been rewarded with territory"; third, they falsify history. Mr. Greenspan wants us to believe that Israel won "defensive wars" as if it was the Palestinians who came from Eastern Europe and attacked the Ben-Gurions, the Begins, the Shamirs, etc., and not the other way around.

July 8, 1991