42. Attacks on Credi uncalled-for

It is disheartening to read the insensitive letters ([22], [27], [31] and [40]) hurled at Medhat Credi recently simply because he honestly defends the cause of an aggrieved and powerless people.

Historic claims from ancient times, past grievances or the spoils-of-war theory weigh little in the scales of justice against the present plight of the downtrodden.

Where are those sentiments of compassion, hospitality, forgiveness and justice we all learned from the Hebrew scriptures as children? Why does the cry of the poor and displaced go unheeded and echo off hearts of stone?

Why are present policies so harsh, vindictive and expansionist toward those who also can claim Abraham as their father? Instead of attacking Mr. Credi, why not search our hearts and see if there is not room for compromise and land for all God's children?

Richard E. Cross, Tarrytown

July 30, 1991