49. Israel defender shows ignorance

Lawrence Fishkind's "abhorrence for ignorance" should have incited him to inform himself before writing his letter [48]. He pointed out that "concessions are normally the result of direct negotiations" but "not one Arab country has agreed to negotiate with Israel." His position is even more radical than Shamir's, who has at least accepted to negotiate with the Palestinians (whom Mr. Fishkind ignores) as long as he picks their representatives and they accept in advance the result of the negotiations.

Mr. Fishkind displayed total ignorance when he said that the "movement of Jews into Palestine ... was not at the expense of moving Palestinians out --rather they left under orders from the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem." This is a blatant lie. I advise him to read Simha Flapan's book, The Birth of Israel, to see for himself the terrorists methods used by the Haganah, Irgun and LEHI to force the Palestinians out of their homeland. Flapan estimated that "84 percent (of the Palestinians) left in direct response to Israeli actions, while only 5 percent left on orders from Arab bands. The remaining 11 percent ... may refer to those who left voluntarily."

Mr. Fishkind wonders "what's so terrible about a Jewish country?" arguing that Italy, France, Spain etc. are "declared Catholic countries." Talk about "abhorrence for ignorance." What about affecting ignorance? These countries are not Catholic states as Israel is a Jewish state. Their citizens are all equal before the law whether they are Catholics or not. Israel, however, through its three Basic Laws (the Law of Return, the Law of Citizenship and the Status Law), discriminates legally against its non-Jewish citizens. The best way to be informed is to read these shameful laws, not Mr. Fishkind's letters to the editor

July 17, 1991