[57. Israel doesn't have a case on settlements

In the recent controversy over the settlements in the Israeli occupied territories, Ed Koch said in his (New York Post) September 20 column that "their (the Israelis') case is so good ... And the worst offender is Prime Minister Shamir." Mr. Koch is wrong on both counts

First, Israel does not have a case on settlements. These settlements are built on occupied land and the U.S. considers Israel's occupation to be governed by the Hague Regulations of 1907 and the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention which explicitly prohibit the occupier from such undertakings.

Second, Mr. Shamir is not an offender at all. He is consistent with his ideology and honest with himself. It is Mr. Koch who is dishonest and teaches Mr. Shamir how to deceive the American people. How else can anyone interpret his statement: "I am in favor of settlements on the West Bank, but what sense does it make for the Israelis to embarrass Baker?"

September 22, 1991]