59. Vannessa Redgrave

Gloria Smith has protested in a letter [58] to the UN Secretariat News of August 1991 the "accolades recently awarded to Vannessa Redgrave" by the UN Society of Writers. The reason she gave is that "Ms. Redgrave has publicly supported the terrorist cause directed against the Member State of Israel and the goal of its destruction". How strange! Doesn't she know that the stateless and the persecuted have no choice. This is, after all, what Mr. Shamir, the Prime Minister of the Member State she is concerned about, said in an interview to the army radio on the 50th anniversary of the terrorist group, Stern Gang, of which he was a leader.

Justifying his terrorism and that of his predecessor in the prime ministership of Israel, Mr. Begin, who was also a leader of another terrorist group called Irgun, Mr. Shamir said: "the Jews, stateless and persecuted, had no choice. But the Palestinians are fighting for land that is not theirs". And to top it all, he added: "Personal terrorism is a way of fighting what is acceptable under certain conditions and by certain movements". Mr. Shamir's selectivity should reassure Ms. Gloria Smith. For more information, I refer her to the New York Jewish Week of September 13-19, 1991, page 35.

September 1991