67. Facts about the loan guarantees to Israel

In response to Beth Burner, President of the National Council of Jewish Women, let me indicate some facts on Israel that she has carefully omitted in her September 26 letter.

She complains that in your September 11 editorial, she did not read that the $10 billion loan guarantees will be "spent on new schools, new roads and water systems, new hospitals and on the creation of new jobs." If this is the case, since Israel is not very big, as one columnist put it, let us make it a U.S. city "and the people who live there would not get a penny, much less $10 billion loan guarantees."

She did not read that "Israel along with Norway, are the only two countries which have never defaulted on a loan from this country." Is this a joke? The Cranston Amendment passed in 1985 mandates that the annual U.S. economic aid to Israel must be at least equal to Israel's debt repayment to the U.S.. In other words, our government is giving Israel money to pay us back.

She did not read that "Israel has vowed to honor its commitment that funds from these loan guarantees ... will only be used within Israel's pre-1967 borders." Beth Burner must be kidding. Remember the $400 million housing loan guarantees Israel received a year ago. Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy promised in writing not to use the money to settle Soviet Jews beyond Israel's pre-1967 borders. Israel did not keep its promise.

She did not read that Israel has already honored a request by Washington for a delay. Beth Burner who seems to care more about Israel than about her own country should understand that Israel is a beggar state, and a beggar does not put conditions.

September 30, 1991]