72. Newspeak

Adopting Israel loyalists' vocabulary, Michael Healy refers in his news article (Catholic New York of March 12) to the territories occupied by Israel as "disputed Mideast territory." The next step for him would be to adopt Israel's own vocabulary which is the "administered territories." The West Bank and Gaza are neither "disputed" nor "administered" they are occupied territories." If these territories which were not allotted to the Jewish state in the U.N. partition plan of 1947 are to be considered "disputed" then by the same token Israel's territory itself should also be considered disputed.

[The main thrust of the article, however, deals with Cardinal O'Connor's concern "about the wave of anti-Israel bashing." When for years the media and the administration looked the other way while Israel was spying (Jonathan Pollard), stealing (uranium) and killing (USS Liberty), it is inevitable that revealing the missile sales to South Africa, the training of Colombian drug lords, the sales of cluster bombs to Pinochet of Chile and the supply of Patriot missiles to China will look like Israel-bashing.]

April 2, 1992