79. Krauss needs history lesson

After flunking Hebrew 101 for not being able to read Yigal Laviv's article in Hadashotabout the 20 Jewish billionaires who "flatly refused" to guarantee Israeli loans because they considered Israel "a risk case in respect to its repayment ability" (my letters of April 4 [74] and May 29 [76]), Ed Krauss redeemed himself by getting a perfect score in AIPAC 401 for being slanderous and personal instead of dealing objectively with facts, something that Israel's apologists cannot do after perfecting the art of twisting facts to shield their sacred cow, Israel. Ed Krauss in his June 25 letter [78] accuses Medhat Credi of being a bigot. Well, he is in good company since the President of the United States was accused of anti-Semitism for committing the same sin: criticizing Israel and its powerful lobby, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee).

One more thing. All Christians are not Catholics and all Catholics are not Roman Catholics, which means that Rome represents different things to different Catholics, but Jerusalem represents the same thing to all Catholics, let alone all Christians. If Ed Krauss does not understand this, and still maintains that it is "lame," he should register in Church History 101. Hope he won't flunk that, either.

July 3, 1992