82. Christian groups support Israel

In a recent letter [77], Medhat Credi leveled three accusations against letter-writer Berenson and the State of Israel. These accusations are: denying the importance of non-Catholic Christians in the affairs of Israel, monopolizing Jerusalem for Israel and monopolizing the Holocaust for Israel.

In response to the first accusation, I offer the following: June 15, 1992. NCLCI continues to reach out to the Christians of all denominations to educate them regarding the importance of Christian support for the people, land and State of Israel.

The NCLCI is the National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel. Its executive committee embraces representatives of the Episcopalian, United Methodist, Assemblies of God, Roman Catholic, Evangelical Covenant and Presbyterian congregations. The executive director is Sister Rose Thering, a Roman Catholic.

The whole-hearted support for Israel by the assemblages mentioned in the NCLCI communication is evidence that Mr. Credi's accusation is groundless. A cordial relationship exists between Israel and much of the Christian spiritual leadership. The Right Rev. John H. Burt, the Rev. Edward H. Flannery and the Rev. Dr. David Lewis, all members of the NCLCI executive board, are more conversant with Israel's relationship with the Christian community than is the hypocritical Mr. Credi. He has yet to protest the slaughter of the Christians in Lebanon by various Arab aggressors.

Jerusalem is mentioned some 700 times in the Hebrew Bible, but not even once in the Koran. During the 19 years that East Jerusalem was under Jordanian control, not one Muslim spiritual leader officially visited that area supposedly cherished by Muslims. The Jordanians kept the area closed to the Jews. That was a genuine monopoly, but the Israelis put an end to it in the 1967 war. No wonder Mr. Credi feels aggrieved.

He feels "left out" of the Holocaust because it is "monopolized" by the State of Israel. Would he like to have been a participant in that firestorm? What role, as a Jew in the gas chamber, or as the Nazi guard who carried the sobbing, terrified Jewish child and threw it into the blazing furnace?

Edith Parker, Irvington

July 3, 1992

For a rebuttal see [83]