87. Real ethnic cleansing

Jeannette Wolfberg's letter of December 27 is an exercise in deception. She talks about "Some arab militants" who are "striving to ethnic-cleanse Palestine of Jews." I don't know which history book she is reading, but if she does not trust independent historians, she can read the work of the Israeli historian Benny Morris. While his conclusions leave much to be desired, the evidence he has gathered is overwhelming. It is the European Zionists, when they came to Palestine, who violently pursued their agenda of cleansing Palestine of its native population to make room for their own migration. As Ben-Gurion: put it "For the Arabs of the Land of Israel there remains only one function: to flee." In 1948, some 750,000 Palestinians were forced to flee their homes and in 1967 all Golan Heights Syrians, with the exception of the Druze, were expelled. It is a shame that the Western press never mentions or describes these events as an exercise in ethnic cleansing.

January 7, 1993