[100. The homeland of the Ashkenazi Jews is in Europe

I was not all that surprised by Nancy Q. Keefe insensitivity toward the plight of the Palestinians in her article: "A tour of Israel exposes Westchester group to the tension, close up" (Perspective, June 4). In her exposé, she referred to a certain Uri Weinberg (or Weinberger?) whom she characterized as a "native", of Israel I suppose, and yet he told her: "If we give one square inch back, I pack my bags to go to America." Is America, by any chance, a refuge for Israeli "natives" who are dissatisfied with their government? And what about Americans who are dissatisfied with their government? Should they go to Israel?

What I find, however, most preposterous is his statement in which he compares Palestine to an "office". He said: "Suppose you left your office on a two or three months' vacation and someone was sitting in your chair when you got back. It's still your office. You have to get it back." It is unfortunate that Ms. Keefe didn't point out to him, or at least in her article, that his comparison is flawed. First, Mr. Weinberg is illegally occupying the "office" after expelling its owner by force. Second, Mr. Weinberg is an Ashkenazi Jew and his ancestors didn't leave the "office" even for a "vacation" for the simple reason that they have never ever been in that "office". As an Ashkenazi Jew, his ancestors are the Khazars who converted to Judaism in the middle of the 8th century. Their ethnic background is Turkish and their state was located in the south-eastern part of Russia. They migrated to Poland after Ghengis Khan wiped out their state and formed the cradle of Western Jewry. If Mr. Weinberg want his "office" back he should go to where the Khazars came from.

June 14, 1993]