101. Curb pro-Israel groups

A series of letters, editorials and columns have been recently written on campaign finance reform. It is well-known that campaign finance reform, along with reducing the budget deficit and term limitation of elected officials are popular subjects with the electorate. What is much less known is the opposition of Israel's worshipers in this country to them. The sad thing about this is that they do not oppose them because they will not benefit America but because, if they are adopted, Israel will suffer. How patriotic they are!

Take for instance the campaign finance reform. Proposals were made to limit donations for Political Action Committees (PACs). "This could pose a delicate moral and public relations quandary for the pro-Israel community, which has used the PAC system effectively to guarantee strong congressional support for Israel," said David Besser in the New York Jewish Week. The resistance of all interest groups to any kind of reform is due to the fact that they don't want to see diminished their capacity to what Jimmy Carter called in a TV interview "legally bribe the Congress."

As far as the budget deficit is concerned, there are those who proposed to pass a constitutional amendment that would require a balanced federal budget. What was David Besser's reaction in the New York Jewish Week? "It's an absolutely devastating amendment for the Jewish community" because "the measure would almost certainly cause problems for Israel's $3.2 billion annual foreign aid allotment." It's OK to cut senior citizens' entitlement but Israel's must not be touched.

Term limitation is another reform very much opposed by Israel's worshipers because it will force them to keep "educating" the new members of the House and Senate concerning Israel's addiction to foreign aid. In fact, the one reform that should be enacted immediately is a reform that would prohibit any group to lobby for a foreign country unless it is registered as an agent for that country. Instead of cheating, organizations like AIPAC and ADL should register as agents for Israel.

June 18, 1993

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