105. Terrorists at fault

Myopia is in the eye of the beholder. In her July 5 criticism of Nancy Q. Keefe printed under the headline, "End the Israeli-Palestinian status-quo," Adell Forsberg views the conflict as if there are only injustices caused to "Palestinians" by cruel insensitive Israelis.

Ask Zev Raab of Tel Aviv about his feelings after his 15-year-old daughter was stabbed to death by a 19-year old Arab terrorist as she waited for her school bus in may 1992. Imagine his pain in seeing his daughter with her left breast and heart cut out after the stabbing.

Ask the family of Simcha Levy who was hacked to death near Gaza in March. Levy was a woman who devoted her life to working for co-existence. She regularly transported Arab laborers from their homes in the Gaza strip to jobs in Israel.

Or ask the families of the 800 or more Palestinians who are grieving because the "justice system" of Fatah and Hamas leaders calls for death to anyone thought to disagree with their ways.

Not only does Ms. Forsberg dismiss the Bible as an "enigma," but she obviously gives no importance to the fact that King David made Israel his capital 3,000 years ago.

Jews have always lived in Israel. There has never been a Palestinian state in the territories. Even when Jordan annexed the West Bank in 1948, it was only recognized by Pakistan and Britain. Israelis have just as much right to live in Samaria and Judea as do the Palestinian Arabs.

Residents are not killed or maimed unless they attack Israelis. They are not jailed or expelled unless they commit acts of violence or terrorism. Israel is a democracy that has courts and judges.

Ms. Forsberg will have to get used to a multitude of checkpoints in our own wonderful country now that these same terrorists have started to assault American targets.

The Israeli Prime Minister has made many concessions to move this peace process. Perhaps Ms. Forsberg can get her friends to make their first concession.

Lawrence Newman, Katonah

July 11, 1993

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