111. Flawed arguments

The day a total peace will be established in the Middle East will be a sad day for apologists of Israel like Cal Thomas and George Will. Their columns of August 29 and September 9, respectively, are a clear indication of their way of thinking.

Rehashing the same flawed arguments over and over will not change the facts on the ground. "Israel has fought five wars ... to maintain a small living space for world Jewry" wrote Cal Thomas. If he thinks that American Jewry will jump in the first plane to emigrate to Israel, he is wrong. Even Russian Jews are not interested in emigrating despite the difficult economic situation there. According to a poll recently published in the Jewish weekly Forward, only 5.8 percent said: "they definitely plan to emigrate."

For George Will, "Jordan is geographically, historically and ethnically a Palestinian state." Whether Jordan is a Palestinian state or not is irrelevant. The fact is that out of 7 million people living between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean, 2 million human beings are living a miserable life under occupation. That is the equivalent of 71 million in terms of the American population.

While Mr. Thomas and Mr. Will are always concerned about Israel's security, they consistently overlook the fate of the indigenous Palestinian population that did not emigrate from Poland or Russia to displace another people from its homeland.

Let's give peace a chance. But for peace to prevail it must be based on justice. Only a just peace can withstand tribulations. It is inconceivable to allow nonreligious and even atheist Russians to come to Israel under what it calls the Law of "Return" just because they have a Jewish mother, and prevent the Palestinians from returning to their homeland. Real peace means just peace.

September 20, 1993

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