113. Israeli ethnic cleansing

Larry Newman, as his October 5 letter [112] shows, seems to know nothing, or very little, about history, and geography too. The Arab world, according to him, "consists of 42 countries." Had he opened an atlas, and counted the Arab countries, one by one, he would have barely reached half of 42. The problem is not so much that he is writing non-sense because I trust that the readers are not naive; the problem is this: Is he aware that he is writing non-sense? [Because if he is then he should be told that he is lying to the readers and if the is not, then he should be told to stop writing.]

Whatever the case may be, Mr. Newman should read less books about Zionist propaganda and more books that deal seriously with history. Israel, by the way, has excellent historians, like Simha Flapan, Ian Lustick, Benny Morris and Avi Shlaim. Had he read any of their books he would not have said such an incongruity: "A large number of Arabs currently living in Israel came to the area when the early Zionist pioneers flourished..." The truth is that all the Arabs currently living in what is today Israel have been living there for centuries. And yes, "indigenous Palestinian population includes Jews," but they were only 2 percent at the end of the 19th century. Then in 1948, some 700,000 Palestinians were driven out of their homes and their country to make room for the so-called "Zionist pioneers" who were coming mainly from Eastern Europe. Ben-Gurion himself at a meeting on December 3, 1947, shortly after the UN partition plan was passed said: "There can be no stable and strong state as long as it has a majority of only 60 percent." Using violence and terror, the Zionist forces cleansed the area allotted to the Zionist state of its Arab population and reduced it from 40 to 10 percent. Today, the Serbs of Bosnia are writing another chapter in the history of ethnic cleansing.

October 15, 1993