149. Palestinian Arab country never existed

In a letter published March 26, [148] Medhat Credi said that Israel, at the time of its creation, "had literally stolen a whole country." Precisely, what country wass that?

There's never been a Palestinian Arab country. The only countries to exist in the place known as Palestine were the ancient Jewish state and modern Israel. In 1947, Palestine was an area with Jewish and Arab populations, administered by Britain under a U.N. mandate. The United Nations divided the land to create one Jewish and one Arab state. The Jews accepted; the Palestinian Arabs, tragically refusing to accept any Jewish presence, did not. Instead, when Israel declared statehood, six Arab armies invaded and tried to destroy her.

Mr. Credi writes of Arabs who lost their homes. Many Arabs did. Many Jews did, although their story is less well known. Those homes were lost, not by the creation of Israel, but by the Arab invasion that followed. It has been a tragedy of misguided Arab leadership to engage in violence, then blame others for the consequences.

William Katz, White Plains

April 3, 1997

For a rebuttal see [150]