152. NCR lost track of the history of Israel

When did the National Catholic Reporter lose track of the history of Israel? How did you get so dependent on the propaganda of terrorists? (NCR of April 18) Please remember that it is the crumb alloteed to Israel that the PLO and Hamas are still trying to take away. It was the Arab states that rejected the partition of the Holy Land that was decided by the United Nations. It was the Arab leaders who urged the Muslim Palestinians to flee their homes, which were to be quickly available again because it was the armies of six Muslim nations that attacked Israel on the day it was founded.

Why are so many writers in NCR eager to accept the self-serving views of the Palestinian propagandists?

A great deal more perspective and research behind the propaganda is required before NCR makes its next judgmental pronouncement on who is victim and who is provocateur in Israel?

Tom Poelker

May 5, 1997

For a reply see [153]