154. Lebanese resisting occupation
How ironic to see two violent incidents reported on the same page of September 5 paper  (p.3B). The first one is about the Palestinian suicide bombers in Jerusalem causing the death of four Israelis and the second one about the Israeli commando raid in Lebanon, probably in reprisal for the first, causing the death of twelve Israeli soldiers. Israelis sustained more fatalities in their reaction than in the Palestinians' action.

The following day in your editorial you characterized the first incident as a "terrorist bombing" and not a single word was said about the second. Why was this Israeli commando unit going to Lebanon? Certainly not to distribute candy to the children of Lebanon but to kill, maim, assassinate or kidnap Lebanese. Your editorial, however, failed even to refer to it.

Israel justifies its action in and its occupation of Southern Lebanon by saying that its purpose is to provide security to Northern Israel. The fallacy of such a pretext is obvious. Not only has Israel failed in its undertaking but it has also been sacrificing its own soldiers in a lost cause. The Lebanese are motivated by the fact that they are resisting an occupation. The Israelis, on the other hand, are infatuated with themselves and are under the illusion they are invincible.

September 14, 1997