156. Israel's  situation is not like the Islamic nations

You continue to print letters from Medhat Credi, who continually spews venomous and hateful diatribe designed to incite conflict in our society. What's particularly galling are his ridiculous statements that this paper perpetuates. As an example, he compares Israel's situation (Nov. 16 letter) vis-a-vis the United Nations with Iraq's intransigence, stating that the U.N. doesn't enforce resolutions against Israel, so why go after Iraq?

Shouldn't be obvious that the tiny speck of the map -- Israel -- is not threatening countries with chemical, biological or nuclear devastation?  Israel, one-tenth the size of Iraq, is a beleaguered country trying to protect itself from the many Islamic nations desiring its demise. Iraq, Iran, et al., are looking to cause serious mayhem at any opportunity.

Fred Zilker, New Rochelle
November 22, 1997

For a rebuttal, see [157]