157. Knee-jerk reaction from Israel supporter
It is amazing to observe the knee-jerk reaction of Israel's apologists whenever it is criticized. They become especially paranoid and irrational when the criticism is founded and factual. This is the case of Fred Zilker (Nov. 22 letter)[156] when he uses words like "venomous" and "hateful". I fail to see how the criticism of Israel can "incite conflict in our society." Is the criticism of our own government such an incitement? Or is Israel the only country that must be immune from any criticism?

Also, Mr. Zilker's interpretation of Mr. Credi's letter of Nov 16 is flawed [155]. The point being made is not that Iraq should be left off the hook because the UN doesn't enforce its resolutions against Israel. All UN resolutions should be enforced whether the culprit is Iraq or Israel.

"The tiny speck on the map" as Mr. Zilker calls Israel, is the only country in the Middle East that has proven nuclear, chemical and biological weapons delivery systems (Jericho 1 and 2 missiles). If it is "obvious" to him that Israel is not a threat why then does it keep those weapons of mass destruction?

Finally, Mr. Zilker is lamenting the fact that "you continue to print letters from Medhat Credi." The last time I checked, freedom of expression was guaranteed by the constitution.

November 28, 1997