161. Would Palestinian State be best for Israel?

Encouraged by Mrs. Clinton's remarks, I dare to say: yes, the Palestinians deserve a state of their own, but at what price? If we review 50 years of history in one paragraph, it was the Palestinians who were unhappy with the 1947 decision that created the State of Israel and started a war, the object of which was to push Israel into the sea. In the process of defending themselves, the Israelis were able to acquire land that had not been originally given to them. It is not the first time in history that world opinion is pressuring the winning side to part with some of the winnings.

My point is that, unless one is willing to send one's husband to defend Israel next time the Palestinians attack them, one has no right to tell them how much land they should give back Ten percent, 13 percent, are arbitrary numbers. That land was won with the blood of Israeli children. How dare anyone outside of Israel tell a mother who has lost a son in the process of defending his country that his life had been a waste! On the other hand, if that mother, the Israeli government, in analyzing things through, is convinced that by returning part of the land they will be able to sleep better, the world will welcome their decision with open arms. Yes, the Palestinians deserve a state, as long as they accept the fact that Israel is, and has a right to continue to exist.

Edith Halpern
Rye Brook, May 16 1998