168. Israel's silence is deafening

That the Serbians Christians of Yugoslavia are cleansing Kosovo of its Muslim Albanians should not come as a surprise. They have already tried to do so in Bosnia. Some 50 years ago, the Ashkenazi Jews of Europe successfully cleansed Mandate Palestine of its Muslim and Christian indigenous population by sending 700,000 of them on the road to exile. History is repeating itself with the exception that there was no TV in 1948 to bring the fleeing Palestinians into our living-room as are the Albanians today.

It is not surprising then that Israel, according to a March 30 AFP dispatch, "refrained from backing NATO in Yugoslavia or condemning Serbia for atrocities in Kosovo." Israel is reluctant to condemn something that it so reminiscent of the atrocities it perpetrated in 1948.

The silence of the Israeli leaders concerning the atrocities perpetrated by it new-found Turkish ally against its Kurdish minorities is also deafening.

April 4, 1999

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