170. Israel did have plan to expel Arabs

A trademark of Israel's apologists is to rewrite history. This is what Marjorie Lissy did in her April 8 letter [169].

With confidence she said that "there was absolutely no master plan to expel the Arabs." There was one and it was called Plan Dalet or Plan D. In 1944, Yigal Yadin laid the foundation for the planned expulsion of Arabs from areas of Palestine the Zionists hoped to conquer for their state. Out of 475 Palestinian villages, 385 were destroyed in the process, i.e. more than 80 percent. Moshe Dayan himself said: "Threre is not a single Jewish village in this country that has not been built on the site of an Arab village."

While it is true that "Israel statehood was approved by a two-thirds majority vote in the United Nations" it should be emphasized that Truman's administration had to pressure, sometimes threaten or bribe, a number of small countries to vote for partition. For instance, Harvey Firestone of Firestone Rubber accepted to put pressure on Liberia's president to vote for the partition resolution.

Contrary to what Ms Lissy stated, neither encouragement nor broadcasts were emitted for the Palestinians to leave their homes. Irish writer Erkine Childers published in The Spectator of May 21, 1961 " The Other Exodus" in which he pointed out that he didn't find any trace in the BBC monitoring files of any orders for the Palestinians to flee.

For a chapter president of the American Jewish Committee to twist the facts as she did is predictable.

April 16, 1999