172- Column about Mideast was preposterous

In his column (Nov. 17) dealing with Hillary's latest trip to Israel, Cal Thomas made some preposterous statements.

He postulated that Arafat was using the negotiations to weaken Israel so "it won't be able to withstand a final assault from armed Palestinians" and that the Europeans, Americans and the United Nations "don't care if Israel disappears in the process."

He also said that all what Clinton wants is a legacy in foreign affairs that "will cover up his notorious domestic affairs. If the Jews have to die, who cares? They've died before."

Not only is Mr. Thomas making outrageous statements, he is missing the point. By going to Israel, Hillary is pandering to the Jews of New York State. And the Jewish community knows exactly how to play this game.

Last month, the Manhattan Jewish Sentinel published an article entitled "Holding Hillary Clinton's Feet to the Fire" in which the president of the Orthodox Union, Mandell Ganchrow, indicated what are the "issues of importance to us": commitment to a united Jerusalem; moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem; releasing of Pollard.

It seems that a trip to Israel is a must for a politician who wants to run for public office in New York. Now that Hillary is back, will Giuliani be next?

November 27, 1999