176. Israel uses euphemisms to cover up abuses

A new euphemism has been introduced in order to avoid calling a spade a spade when dealing with Israel. Hostage taking is hostage taking whenever the perpetrator is not Israel. Hostages, however,  become “bargaining chips” if the perpetrator is Israel, and only Israel (news article April 13).

This is not the first euphemism introduced by Israel and it won’t be the last. Israel cleverly uses them to continue to mislead public opinion about its real motives and intentions.

“Population transfer” is a euphemism that Israel has been using since its inception. It simply means ethnic cleansing. The war that Israel calls its War of Independence is nothing else but a war of ethnic cleansing. During this war Israel was able to reduce its Arab population from 40 percent to 10 percent.

Officially, Israel does not resort to torture. It uses, however, what is euphemistically called “moderate physical pressure” that was authorized by a 1987 commission headed by Moshe Landau who was the Supreme Court Justice.

“Preemptive strike” is another euphemism for aggression. A “democracy” like Israel’s never commits acts of aggression. But self-defense, as Begin once said in a speech at the United Nations, is a sacred right (as long as it is exercised by Israel). In other words, Israel needs to launch “preemptive strikes” in order to defend its democratic values.

A lexicon is needed to translate the euphemisms or the code words used by Israel and its supporters to brainwash the public.

April 19, 2000

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