212. Israel is here to stay!

"Israel is here to stay! No wasteful destructive wars, no bullying, no military aggression, no sniper fire, no drive-by shooting will intimidate the heroic Israelis and their striving for a secure and permanent peace in the Promised Land. (Richard's comment: these very words could be used to describe Israeli actions:  "drive-by shootings (a 3-month old baby and family) "military aggression" as the Israeli army has been doing right along, etc.)

Israel will endure the self-immolating suicides-homicides by their hating neighbors, whether in Jerusalem, Hebron, Netanya, Tel Aviv or Gaza. Surrounded by dictatorial monarchs and oil-rich kingdoms who pay "martyrs" posthumously to their bereaved families and who continue their autocratic rule.

Their palatial lifestyles are matched by the enormous stress and abjectivity of their subjects.  And they feed them a curriculum of perpetual intifada by distracting their people with a war of attrition against Israel- the only democracy in the Middle East (democracy for whom?)

Their partner in this wasteful and deadly venture is none other than Yasser Arafat. He sends young men and women and children to their horrible deaths. And he encourages more and more to lay down their lives every day to distract the victims of autocratic rule by pointing there finger of hate toward Israel. Arafat is the arch traitor of his own people, and he intends to double and triple the number of murders of both Arabs and Jews, with no hope or promise of an end in sight. Why do the Palestinian people tolerate his dictatorial regime, with its embezzlement, corruption and mismanagement, totaling billions of billions annually?

Reality call out: Israel lives, and shall always live, with solid boundaries, peaceful and secure."

Irving S. Rothman, New Rochelle
July 20, 2001
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