213. Israelís objectives are contradictory

Irving Rothman's letter of July 20 [212] is a nice piece of propaganda that Israel's supporters in this country produces on a regular basis to fool the readers. Unfortunately for them, people are not duped.

These supporters are never tired of reminding us that "Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East." One gets the impression that by repeating this falsehood they will finally convince themselves and others that Israel is a democracy. Israel, in fact, is a fake democracy. There is not a single democracy in this world that elected a war criminal to the highest office. There is not a single democracy that is occupying another people and denying them their political rights.

"Israel lives, and shall always live, with solid boundaries" writes Mr. Rothman; but fails to tell us what those boundaries are. Israel, since its creation, never wanted to delineate its boundaries for two reasons: because it is a racist state, Israel wants to make sure to keep out as many non-Jews as possible; and because it is an expansionist state, it wants to gobble up as much land as possible. Israel's dilemma is that it can't reconcile those two contradictory objectives.

The "heroic Israelis" to whom Mr. Rothman is referring are really an army of occupation that is using the most sophisticated weapons ranging from gunship helicopters to tanks against a civilian population that lacks adequate means to defend itself.  Instead of disparaging those who make the ultimate sacrifice he should ask himself why people are ready to die for their cause.

July 31, 2001