214. Palestinians to blame for violence in Israel

In the wake of yet another suicide bombing in Israel, I find it hard to believe that Martin Brech has the "chutzpah" to write a letter (Aug. 10) condemning Israel, but not condemning the Palestinians. If the Israelis don't retaliate or at least find those who plan these attacks, they will never end. The Palestinians cannot be trusted to bring these terrorists murderers to justice. This has been proven time and time again. God forbid that your family, including grand-children, would ever be sitting in front of a coffee shop and a suicide bomber would crash into them and kill them. Wouldn't you want those who planned the attack to be brought to justice? If it were my family, I would.

Palestinians are bent on destroying Israel by killing Jews everywhere and anywhere they want. They teach from a very early age, "hate Jews," "kill Jews," "you will go to heaven if you kill Jews," "drive them into the sea." They encourage their children to throw rocks at Israelis. The other day, Israelis discovered that a 15-year old Palestinian child was loaded with explosives but fortunately discovered before and explosion went off. Why doesn't Mr. Brech condemn this?

The Israeli people cultivated and made the desert bloom, not the Palestinians. The Israelis are the ones who created many of the jobs that the Palestinians have.

There will never be peace in Israel until the terrorist bombing are stopped and until the Palestinian mindset is changed.

If you are going to condemn Israel you must, at the very least, condemn the Palestinian as well.

Barry Leibowitz, Brewster
August 15, 2001
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