215. Israel's supporters losing credibility

The credibility of Israel's supporters in this country will soon be zero if they continue to write letters to the editor that insult the intelligence of the readers. The credibility of Israel itself is already zero after the people of Israel elected a war criminal to be their prime minister.

"Palestinians are bent on destroying Israel" writes Barry Leibowitz in his August 15 letter [214]. How laughable! Palestinians, with rocks and rifles, are bent on destroying an Israel armed to the teeth with tanks, Apache gun ships, F-16 fighter jets and nuclear bombs. It is like saying an ant is bent on destroying an elephant.

Another one of those silly statements that Israel's apologists are never tired of making is that "the Israeli people cultivated and made the desert bloom" as if this gives them the right to steal other people's land.

Mr. Leibowitz boasts that "the Israelis are the ones who created many of the jobs that the Palestinians have." Rather they are the ones who destroy their houses, besiege their villages, towns and cities and bulldoze their plantations.

It is not the Palestinian mindset that must change in order to achieve peace, it is rather that of the Israelis who must finally realize that occupation is the source of all evils. As Hanan Ashrawi eloquently said: "The fact that the occupation itself lies at the root of all 'insecurity' has not crossed the minds of Israeli policy makers who persist in their futile search for causes among their victims instead of looking within."

August 20, 2001