218. Jews have the right to live in Israel

I wonder, after reading Aly Abul-Kheir’s Dec. 27 “In Reply” condemning Shawn Cohen’s reporting from Israel, if Mr. Abul-Kheir believes that Jews have the right to live in Israel. He claims that :every nation in the world” states that Jewish settlements  are illegal. Of course, he cites United Nations resolutions to support his claim. This is the same United Nations in which Israel is the only member not allowed to be voted onto the Security Council. This the same United Nations where, at its outlying center, such Geneva and Nairobi, Israel is not accorded membership recognition and is treated no better than a non-governmental observer.

Let us not forget that when Jesus chased the moneychangers out of the temple (Matthew 21:12), the temple was a Jewish temple and the incident occurred some 600 years before the Muslim religion was founded. Yes, Jews do have the right to live in Israel.

Richard Grayson, News Rochelle
January 3, 2002

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