220. Palestinian leaders not acting for peace

Letters appear that are highly critical of Israel and are filled with historical inaccuracies and factual distortions. The latest such letter (“Editorial unfairly blames Palestinians,” Bertrand de Frondeville, Jan 13) is critical of the Jan. 9 editorial “Palestinians’ smoking gun.”

What seems to be totally overlooked is that the 1993 Oslo peace accord foreswore the use of violence to reach a peace settlement. Yasser Arafat has made a mockery of this agreement, turning on and off suicide bombers, drive-by shootings, talking peace to the world press while inciting violence and hatred towards Israel in the Arab press, mosques, schools and camps for children.

Actions speak louder than words. The captain of the Karine-A says his orders came directly from the Palestinian Authority and that he was delivering his shipload of armaments to the Palestinian Authority.

Not hollow words but real actions: Stopping the perpetrators of terrorist attacks and stopping the vicious, hateful language, are necessary by the Palestinians leadership to develop confidence in the Israelis that the Palestinians may finally choose to be partners for peace. Until that happens, Israel must confront the reality of the actions while yearning for genuine peace.

G. D. Lewit, Scarsdale, January 18, 2002
The writer is a board member of the American Jewish Committee, Westchester Chapter

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