221. Oslo agreement no longer applies

G. D. Lewit (Jan. 18 [220]) regrets the fact that letters criticizing Israel “overlooked” that the 1993 Oslo peace accord foreswore the use of violence to reach a peace settlement. What he seems to overlook is that the Oslo peace process is not an open-ended process. It is a process limited in time–five years–at the end of which an independent Palestinian state should have been established. Even though the Oslo Agreement was nothing but a “bantustan” agreement, the Palestinians accepted it and went on with their lives without resorting to violence hoping that at the end of the process they would be living in Palestine, not under occupation.

Technically speaking, the Oslo peace process is now over and all the examples given by G. D. Lewit in his letter are post-Oslo. Therefore, his complaint about the fact that letters criticizing Israel are filled with historical inaccuracies and distortions is to say the least disingenuous. He is the one who is distorting the facts. Not only has he failed to mention one example of such distortions, but, not surprisingly, as an apologist of Israel, he took upon himself to mislead the readers about Oslo.

The reality is that Israelis’ whole purpose in the Oslo peace process was to prevent the establishment of a viable independent Palestinian state. During the five years of this process, Israel built more settlements and doubled the number of Jewish settlers. Israel is now harvesting what it had sowed.

February 5, 2002