222. Double standard imposed on Israel

There are serious doubts about whether there was ever a real strategic or moral basis for proposing Palestinian statehood. The Palestinians themselves never had any interest in such, as long as the “Palestinian zones” were merely being ruled by “alien” Arab regimes before 1997.

The claim that the movement toward Palestinian statehood will dampen violence and produce moderation has been buried with the intifada and the seizure of the Palestinian ship containing 50 tons of sophisticated weapons for Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Authority. Polls show near-universal Palestinian support for Osama bin Laden and for atrocities against Jews. Among Palestinians, this fanaticism only grows with each new goodwill gesture from Israel. In short, any Palestinian state is a sure-fire recipe for violence, escalation and war. The only way that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict will ever be resolved is if Israel finds the courage to reoccupy the Palestinian “Autonomy Zones.”

We are telling the Israelis to do as we say and not do as we do. Why, when it comes to Israel, should the terrorists be allowed to murder innocent citizens in restaurant, discos, in their homes, wedding halls, as the United States pressures Israel not to defend itself? Why this double standard? This policy hurts not only Israel but also America’s cause. Giving Arab terrorists in Israel the message that the United States will tie Israel’s hands is the greatest defeat President Bush’s campaign against terror.

George Poline, White Plains, January 24, 2002

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