228. Israeli atrocities not being reported

Speaking of two nations hating one another (Joanne Cottini's letter of 4/11) denotes naiveté. It is not a matter of hate. If it were, then no solution would be possible. Hate is just a symptom. Eliminate the cause and  the symptom will disappear.

Israel is asked to root out terror. The problem is that Israel is trying to root out terror with terror. One will never know the magnitude of terror and human rights violations committed by Israeli soldiers, if he relies on the US media.

The Guardian of April 12 whose reporters managed to enter the town of Jenin reported that Ali Mustafa Abu Siria was injured "while serving as a human shield for an Israeli army patrol who led him handcuffed at gunpoint;" that "massive destruction of civilian homes and of firing on civilians could be confirmed;" that "random strafing of heavily populated civilian areas killing elderly women and young boys and girls" occurred.

Most disturbing are the stories related by Ellen Cantarow and posted on zmag.org: how Israeli soldiers broke into Palestinians homes and stole jewels, money and electronic equipment; how they made a whole family stay in one room and went to the kitchen and ate the food; how ambulances were shot at and stopped from arriving at their destinations; how hospitals were invaded and medical personnel prevented at gunpoint from carrying out their responsibilities.

On April 11, 66 countries ratified the treaty establishing the International Criminal Court. Israeli leaders should be the first to be prosecuted for war crimes.

April 18 , 2002