229. Israelís apologists give half-truths

Robert Klein (April 13 letter) has either lost his common sense or his moral judgement.

He is surprised that Egyptian and Jordanian occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, is not called "illegal. Whether "illegal" or not, it was not inhumane like the Israeli occupation. Egypt and Jordan did not build settlements and by-pass roads, did not encourage their populations to move to Palestinian territories and did not plunder their resources.

Mr. Klein wrote that there are historical cases where countries have acquired land through war. Excellent point! Egypt never claimed Gaza. Jordan annexed the West Bank and gave its population Jordanian citizenship. Why didn't Israel annex a territory that it acquired through war and called Judea and Samaria? The short answer is that Israel is a racist state. Since it was unable to cleanse these areas of its inhabitants as it did in 1948 it reverted to occupation.

Israel's apologists, such as Mr. Klein, like to say that most Palestinians in the occupied territories live under the rule of the Palestinian Authority. As usual, you can never expect the whole truth from those apologists. The Palestinian Authority fully controls disconnected enclaves representing only 12 percent of the West Bank. Living under the Palestinian Authority rule is meaningless for a Palestinian who wants to travel within the West Bank.
These are just two examples of how Israel's apologists have perfected the art of propaganda. Readers should never take what they say at face value. By giving half-truths their purpose is to mislead.

April 23, 2002