230. Offer of Palestinian state was unacceptable

In his book The Birth of Israel: Myths and Realities, Israeli historian, Simha Flapan, shattered seven Zionist myths: that Zionists accepted the UN partition plan; that Arabs rejected the partition plan; that Palestinians fled voluntarily from Palestine; that the Arab states united to expel the Jews from Palestine; that Arab invasion made war inevitable; that defenseless Israel faced destruction; and that Israel has always sought peace.

Lynn Lowin (April 20 letter) tried to establish an eighth myth: that Barak offered a Palestinian state last summer. This offer has been characterized as unprecedented. Undoubtedly, it is unprecedented that a state, Palestine in this case, be composed of four unconnected bantustans à la apartheid; that its border with the outside world, its air space and its natural resources be controlled by Israel.

That is not all. Barak "proposed" to annex large chunks of the West Bank, which constitutes with Gaza 22 percent of historic Palestine. In an Op-Ed piece in The New York Times of April 14, Barak made clear that Israel must annex 13 percent of the West Bank to accommodate the settlements and another 12 percent to establish a security zone around the Jordan River.In other words, Barak wants to annex 25 percent of the 22 percent left for the Palestinian state, which means that the new Palestinian state will be established on only 16.5 percent of historic Palestine, something indeed unprecedented.

Is this the so-called Palestinian state that Lynn Lowin is referring to?

April 27, 2002