[232. Israel has a history of committing massacres

The problem with Shierly Neimark (May 4 letter) and those who defend Israel’s brutality is that they insist on equating what Israel is doing in the West Bank with America’s war on terrorism in Afghanistan. America doesn’t covet Afghanistan; America doesn’t build settlements for WASPs only in Afghanistan; America doesn’t deny the Afghan people their political rights or violates their human rights.

Israel insidiously exploits what happened on September 11 to precisely deny the Palestinians what America is trying to provide the Afghanis. In the process, it has committed grave war crimes.

If Ms. Neimark thinks that Israel is incapable of committing massacres, history proves her wrong. Examples: King David hotel massacre (1946); Deir Yassin massacre (1948); Duwayma massacre (1948); Kibya massacre (1953); Kafr Kassim massacre (1956); USS Liberty massacre (1967); Libyan Boeing massacre (1973); Sabra and Shatila massacre (1982).

Ms. Neimark wants “some token of proof” of the massacre that Israel committed in Jenin. For the time being this is impossible for the simple reason that Israel prevents a fact-finding mission from gathering the very proof that Ms. Neimark is asking for. If Israel had nothing to hide, as it pretends, it should have welcomed the mission with open arms and facilitated its work.

Israel at first welcomed the mission; then changed its mind. Why? It must be that once the political echelon heard what Israel occupation army had done, they preferred to lose the PR battle instead of having their crimes exposed for the whole world, including Ms. Neimark, to see.

May 16, 2002]