233. Military solution will not bring peace

What a difference between Charles Krauthammer’s and William Raspberry’s columns of May 18 and 22, respectively! The former believes in a military solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; the latter advocates a peaceful solution.

Mr. Krauthammer lives in a fantasy world. Israel’s Defense Minister, according to Haaretz, warned that if there’s no political process within few weeks, the situation would revert to what it was before the so-called incursion. Mr. Krauthammer himself acknowledged that there will surely be other suicide bombings; that weapons and explosives will be replaced. The New York Times of May 28 reported that there have already been five suicide bombings since the offensive ended. Israel will never enjoy security unless it ends the occupation and a political solution is found.

Mr. Raspberry indicated what is this political solution. No more feeble and limited "first steps". No more interim agreements. The only way out is “to agree on the end result” and to negotiate about how to achieve it. He reminded us that this was the approach taken by Egypt and Israel and that it succeeded.

The problem is that Israelis and their supporters don’t understand that the end result consists in establishing a viable Palestinian state. If not, given the fact that Palestinian women are bearing 5.6 children and Jewish Israeli women 2.7, Israel, sooner rather than later, will be left with three choices: to remain an apartheid state, to become a bi-national state or to commit another ethnic cleansing like it did

June 3, 2002