234. Euphemism used for ethnic cleansing

Rabbi Steven Kane contends in his June 10 letter that ethnic cleansing committed by Israel in 1948 is an unsubstantiated claim. Ethnic cleansing, euphemistically called “transfer” is a word that was used by Zionist leaders before the creation of Israel and is still used today by Israeli politicians.

In 1940, Joseph Weitz, in charge of Jewish colonization, wrote in his My Diary and Letters to the Children: “There is no other way than to transfer the Arabs from here (Palestine) to the neighboring countries.”

Back in February, AFP reported that Israeli Minister Benny Elon said on public radio “We must not fear bringing up again the idea of a transfer and of open discussion of the various possibilities that it offers.”

Even the Israeli Jews are increasingly supporting this idea. The British Daily Telegraph of April 28 reported that “two years ago, less than eight per cent of those who took part in a Gallup poll among Jewish Israelis said they were in favor of what is euphemistically called ‘transfer’… This month that figure reached 44 per cent.”

Why is Rabbi Kane so surprised that Israel committed ethnic cleansing in 1948? Had he studied the history of the creation of Israel instead of regurgitating Israeli propaganda he would not have written such a misleading letter.

June 14, 2002