235. Israel apologists ignore the facts

Commenting on an June 11 article by Rober Ryser about Valerie Courreges who was jailed for nine days by Israel for refusing to leave a refugee camp, Bernard Lipsy (6/14), George Berman and Steven Shapiro (6/17) criticized her for not showing the same compassion toward the Israelis.

Steven Shapiro (June 17 “In Reply”) ended his comment this way: "Ms. Courreges should be ashamed." He is the one who should be ashamed for trying to shield Israel from criticism by using the despicable guilt by association method.

To his question: "Did she forget what the French did to the Jews"? One can turn the question and ask him: Is he aware of what the Jews are doing today to the non-Jews in the occupied territories? Short of committing a second ethnic cleansing, the Jews of Israel are in the process of institutionalizing an apartheid regime. The West Bank is now divided into eight almost hermetically sealed bantustans.

Three and a half million non-Jews are confined in these enclaves while the Jewish settlers can move freely from settlements built for Jews only, on special road built for Jews only.

Mr. Shapiro doesn't miss the opportunity to compare what the Israeli occupation army is doing in the occupied territories to what the U.S. army is doing in Afghanistan. Once and for all, he and his fellow apologists of Israel should understand that the U.S. is not occupying Afghanistan; rather it is rather there to liberate the Afghanis from an intolerant regime. The Jewish state is doing the exact opposite to the Palestinians.

June 26, 2002