[236. Ethnic cleansing plan by Israel

According to the 1947 UN partition plan, the Jewish state was supposed to have 45 percent of non-Jews. Is it any wonder that the Zionists resorted to ethnic cleansing to get rid of as many non-Jews as possible?

Rejecting the idea of Israel committing ethnic cleansing, Rabbi Steven Kane (June 10) wondered how is it that more than 1 million Palestinians live in Israel today?
Percentage wise, Palestinians with Israeli citizenship today form 20% of Israel’s population. That doesn’t mean that they were 20% in 1948. In its war of ethnic cleansing, Israel was able to reduce its Palestinian population from 45 to 10 percent.

Rehashing Israeli propaganda, Rabbi Kane asserted that those Palestinians who left, did so because they were encouraged by their Arab brothers. Israeli historians belie him.

In his book The Birth of Israel: Myths and Realities, Simha Flapan devoted a chapter to destroy the myth that the Palestinians fled on orders of Arab leaders.

Benny Morris’s book The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem is a documentation of ethnic cleansing. Even though he denied that there was a deliberate plan of expulsion (there was one, Plan Dalet) his research proved otherwise. Referring to transferring Palestinians he quoted Avraham Ussishkin, head of the Jewish National Fund: “It is the most moral [thing to do]. We will not be able to begin our political life in a state in which Arabs will constitute 45% [of the population].”

Finally, Irish journalist Erskine Childer, in a 1961 article published in The Spectator examined the British and American radio-monitoring records for all 1948 and didn’t find a single order about evacuation from Arab radio stations inside or outside Palestine.

It behooves Rabbi Kane to rely on solid historical studies and not on Israeli propaganda.

June 18, 2002]